Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Light, Love, Luck, Leaders Of The Bands, Songs To Sing, Dances On Cloud Nine. Dream Knights.

During the first Continental Convention, Washington showed up in his old military uniform and standing 6'4" dwarfed everyone else there as an imposing figure and since he was the only one in a uniform with formal experience as a trained English military officer, who knew how the English fought and trained, he was appointed Commander of all all Continental forces. His showing up in uniform was a calculated and planned move to get that appointment....Black Cats, Cool, Calm And Collected, Flowers For Lovers, Full Moon, Kings And Knights Searches. Light, Love, Luck, Leaders Of The Bands, Songs To Sing, Dances On Cloud Nine. Dream Knights.
Leo?????...well???Meet?Winds to blow, sons to shine, rats to races, bumps, roads, blue 
skies. Nice to know, lots of things to share or not, how tall, located where, retired, 
how tall questions, retired from the rat races for bucks, balls in the air,  hats and
 horns, birds and bees, singing songs, glory dazes to come:  mountains tops up in

 the air, have to start at square one....Light, Love, Luck, Leaders Of The Bands, 
Songs To Sing, Dances On Cloud Nine. Dream Knights. 

Horns Hidden: Day Jobs, Nuts And Freaks, Dates..Fairy Tales daily life,adventures all the time,trips to never-lands, Peter Pan. God guys,good guys,depends on the day for some. Lights on to the open windows and lights on to the open doors, to strangers to friends, to give you a hand up, and give you a hand to reach the riches on the road. Greatness to share for the acts of niceness shared. Sail on the sea, sail on the ocean, sail on to the better dazes on the right side of the grave.Sail on the sea, sail on the ocean:Dicks, Dawgs, Husky Owls, Cocks, Men: Balls Online: Fun And Games, Balls In Air. Dicks, Dawgs, Husky Owls, Cocks, Men: Balls Online.Pros, Coins, Cards To Flip
Happiness is a choice. Life isn't about pleasing everybody.Just because things are bad now doesn't mean they're going to be that way forever.Baby steps, from stranger to friend, walking to the next move: nice, I concur, tips and stats to share now, how tall, located where, how old, 420 friendly, retired, house on the hill, houses on the beach, what is the rest of the story, you wish to share....Light, Love, Luck, Leaders Of The Bands, Songs To Sing, Dances On Cloud Nine. Dream Knights. 

Never argue with stupid people. - Mark Twain: Deer, Herds In Cities: We All Need Places In Rains:Clubs in Los Angeles: Bruce Yang honestly, I find this disgusting, just because you been through some stuff doesn't mean you have the right to say anything or act however you feel. being humble and kind is strong. Being able to take challenges is confidence, and being able to pick yourself up is independence.

Barb Kelly-Arnett Love this an to all you complainers I would give the shirt off my back to anyone in need but don't you ever question me I will say what I want when I want to whomever I want to it's my right an I am a strong enough woman to do it. This should go without saying now but, just in case I was not clear .....keep your negative opinions to yourself they mean nothing to me!

Another story fresh from the seas of frogs. Holiday from male frogs with offspring in June, one day a year, joys and pleasures. Done and over. Looking at the days, months, and color of your shirt, a new fairy tale. Let's take September 4, 1962, first attempts in learning, learned in first attempt.

Good times, jackasses and the freaks out at night, Sheri Jarrot, Cum for the wide mouth, talk dung now, cows and whales to date 7603601613.The Fairy, the frog, the reptiles that are spineless……‎Orli Or‎, Sharks and whales, birds and bees, trips to hell, blame games to play.Love And Luck, Live And Learn, Glory Dazes To Come.
Joela Capplan, Raining frogs, whales, and freaks. Ready for the battle of the wits,Done and over.

tips and tales, lovers and haters, coins to flip, stories are all we have left. What is your story, four lines, words in the wind, dicks, dawgs and donkeys faces, twists and turns, ways to grow, so what????Shit happens. Everyday. To everyone. The difference is in how people deal with it.TIME TO TURN THE PAGE:
Light, Love, Luck, Leaders Of The Bands, Songs To Sing, Dances On Cloud Nine. Dream Knights. 
black and blue, songs to sing, free as a bird, views of the mountains, flowers in the trees, sound in the winds, fairy tales to recap. 

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