Monday, January 18, 2016

Songs And Dance Shows, Pop King, Lots Of Love

Vibe Cover, History In The Works, Stories Told, History recorded, tie to the notes, songs record for the best to be, bumps in the roads, back on track. Songs recorded for the bumps, for the dough's, the friends, the freaks, the questions up in the air. Songs to play over again, radio hits, music to play. 

Happy Birthday Notes, Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Penny Dates, Mothers and Fathers dead. Angels Mothers Aleane Bailey, Sally Anne D'Silva, and the kids dead and gone. Holiday daily for the dead, vacation time for the great leaders dead. Bones in a box, angels in the sky, songs to sing, in the birds. Messages in the songs, black and blue birds, singer dead. Sad Stories all of them.

Stories of love and greatness, love and devotions, love to turn the heads in the crowds, good times, happy dates, time flies. Happy and sunny, days in the rain, songs to sing, singer on stage, dances for the people in blue. Blue stars, stars to shine bright. glory dazes, words to the wise. Dreams of greatness, for all of us, trips to the groups of people, dreams of hopes and prayers. Stars out, stars blue and bright, happy dazes again, hopes and prayers, purple colors, hopes to wishes, plans to dreams.

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Another Part, Bits and Pieces, doves with the branches of peace, Norh Art, tips left from the boat trip. No land to see, rain for over a month, dead in the water, the sinners and the saints, not to believe, to be killed with water, God Spoke, in the long rainy season, sons and wives were saved. Bible stories, fairy tales, Jesus Christ, Moses and cousins, building a troop. Army of frogs, army of fools, tips and tales of how long it took. Trip to the promise lands.

Dancing Angels, Dancing Desires, Days of peace and love, hate and love, living large, joys and pleasures, time to spare. Tips and tales, to rock with you, songs of Michael Jackson, covers the pictures, almanacs to replace. Records, reports, recaps needed, good and bad, paths taken on the roads to greatness. Music notes, beats goes on, wheels turn, time never stops. Time and wheels, over the tracks, on the roads to greatness, bumps in the roads. 


  1. Singing The Blues, sad and blue, over the hate, goats and sheep, lessons learned, in the first attempt in new lessons, to learn something new, to fail is not an option, dancing in the darkness. Gifts of words, tips and tales, monkeys to singers, monkeys to races, rats and monkeys, music to make. Songs to last over time and space, happy notes, tips and tales, stories to carry over the hills. Jesus Christ, Jesuit Charlie, Charlie Jarrot, donkeys in the hills to stay. Monkeys to hand to assist on the crosses made back in the day. Hanging trees, dogwood trees, into the woods, into the dark, angels out to watch your back. Happy songs to play over the radio, hits and sad songs, trips to hell and back.

  2. Rachel Jarrot, star out pure and white, lives in the desert, lives with crooks and robbers for parents, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, Jewish Liars, Cheaters and fakes, cash to trade for junk they have. How to live the dream lives, collection junk and resell to dummies, set it up in stores to be sold, sell online **** for a fee, dream life as a Jew. Buy **** to store, for a better prince, work of whales on land.

    Cali cow, left to go out of state, out of mind for sure, lots more time on the road, fake rock star, set in her head, since trip to New York on the Rabbi dime in 2011. Better than a rock star, because she is a Jew, colors of the nose is brown, kisses asses for years, how much cash is the only question here..

    Rach Jay now, This kid, started out from a united legal contract for better or waste commitment, with lies out of the gate. It is a way of life for these frogs (members of this ARMY), to lie as they go, to place themselves in the best light possible. This is okay, and it is what is needed for them to live and stay here where we are, it is okay, for them and for a few people that know them, it is a matter of change needed to grow. So they are not perfect, but they could be normal to the many people that this world has in it. Where do we go now? another program to share for the big picture. Happy Fun Day, for all of us and, with many returns.