Monday, January 18, 2016

Dead Angels, Mother Expired, Decades Angels

Happy Birthday Notes, Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Penny Dates, Mothers and Fathers dead. Angels Mothers Aleane Bailey, Sally Anne D'Silva, and the kids dead and gone. Holiday daily for the dead, vacation time for the great leaders dead. Bones in a box, angels in the sky, songs to sing, in the birds. Messages in the songs, black and blue birds, singer dead. Sad Stories all of them.

Another Part, Bits and Pieces, doves with the branches of peace, Norh Art, tips left from the boat trip. No land to see, rain for over a month, dead in the water, the sinners and the saints, not to believe, to be killed with water, God Spoke, in the long rainy season, sons and wives were saved. Bible stories, fairy tales, Jesus Christ, Moses and cousins, building a troop. Army of frogs, army of fools, tips and tales of how long it took. Trip to the promise lands.

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2 Strike: Snake in Grass: Dicks Out of Box: Enough Charms: Game Over: Another example of the yellow snakes at work, snake dens full of the low standards, lights out to fool others. Snake in grass, delete the history in one place, no all the places where data was stored, big pictures out of focus here. Why delete history of one or many mental, confused and displace veteran, because you had to create more lies for questions asked, or because you hate the view that you display on some level. Liars, crooks, cheaters, cum suckers, used car sells, junk seller all day long, drug dealer, pimp, poker poker, snake charmer, Jewish White Loads, Jewish Turkey, Cuban Transplants, words used to describe or talk about this family. Their views of themselves is a little different for their actions and deeds, it is all good, love and hate, the horns of a goat, biblical stories, fairy tales, they they live in their dreams, in real life, with lights on it is not the same. Calling in Desert. Cows,Cattle, And Cattle-calls, Ready for What?...Enough for the Charmed....Game Over......Snakes in the Grass

The start of the race was delayed for a lot longer than we wanted, and longer than we knew it was going to be. We had been told that it was still a matter about the money. That has always been the problem, and the time that we spent together, would have to be covered as well. It was not. That is what happens when you do not make plans to do whatever you need to do. My thoughts have been on the kids that have been taken. The piper is coming to remove the damage kids that were not able to tell a good story because they had not been trained to do that at all.

So we have to make plans for the people that are not going to work, and we have to also make plans for the next five steps that need to be completed before we move to the next step. The big picture has to be readjusted to fit the events that occur in the time frame a lot to the task in question. The season is just about over for the tour in California, just need to put a few more pieces back into place. The wheels have been turning, and the boat must sail on, the weight was not lifted, so there is nothing left. The man has been eaten alive with lack of control, and he has taught his offspring the same lessons that he learned. The story has not changed in the manner of address, and the name calling is something else to excuse with a lane line. It is not acceptable for the long run. 
It is still a matter of class, and the classes were able to come together for a period, and change was needed to do the long run. The choices have been made, and the story is a do over again, and that is all. The first two times around were done for the wrong reasons, and the charm was good enough for those two. Not me, I am in a class by myself, and the differences have not been noted, and the threats keeping coming in. Why? That was the lesson taught by the father, and the past is due for another cycle. So the period of darkness will go on. Now there is a need to leave on the next train out. My plans and goals have worked, and the season will end this year.  

The next person or group will show up for the next part, of the journey to the land of milk and honey. The promise land is still off in the distance, but there is still tomorrow, and the best is yet to come. Just need to make a new plan, and get on the bus out of dodge. No trips to fake land across the border for the lack of hair issue. 
What a line, it is so sad that life was not the treat that it should have been, and the parents are the reason for the shallowness that were created to the point of a lack of hair, is the only thing to talk about. The other thing that bothers me is that the minor with a month left, told her sire that the truth is not desired or wanted on her Grandmother’s demise. 

It was enough to cut her sire out of the picture completely for this reason, ( so the hair is not going to grow yet, too much hate and control on line here), if a reason was needed that is the one that will kill everything with the next charmer that comes to get daddy. So it was another sad day when Christmas 2012 came around the best of the best of the tribe of Jewish Army, a living example died. Is there any other way to mark the day of death for any person? The 2nd generation was at the point of tears for three lines on Face book to note the passing of this great woman. I never knew her, so will have to take the word of a person with a one page book of life to address all matters of importance.

 Not the acceptable way for most of us, but for this shallow family it was a stab in the heart. So we have agree that the message is out, and it is a matter of time, stopping for the acts of violent that has started and it was the straw that broke the back of the camel.
My next question is if you can act out to the point of breaking personal items of the person who you are upset with, is over the top, and it may as well have been a punch in the face. What I feel on this note, if you can talk about it or doing a violent act (throw someone out of a moving car, for example), talking about this type of act has the same effect, as if you had actually done the violent act that you spoke of doing. There is no difference when you voice the threats of violent, because you cannot find the words to say what you mean? 

There are lessons that need to be learned before the best of the best can come to you, and breaking people and calling them names is not the way to get it. It has been a problem and will continue to be a problem because it has not been address. So the facts are in, and you are not here to be controlled by the people that you love, for their self-serving purposes. So I wish the hairdresser, and the offspring that was created with the Jester and the king of gray skies and hurting feelings, because the daughter has feet of clay, and it is a secret. Thank God, childhood has an end to it, and maybe the clock will start again, on the growth that is needed. It has to be done by the next person, and hopefully growth will be the order of the day. Or maybe it is something that needed to be done again, and again until it gets done the way it was intended. When you forget the history you are destiny to repect the same mistakes, until you open your eyes and make a new plan and go forward to brighter tomorrows.

Paul Jarrot, head of tribe of Turkeys, Frog in the army,  homeless back in the day. He learned how to steal and cheat to get the things that were needed, and he took a lot of risks for his family after his father left the household. It was a pattern that the father had started at the age of 14 years old, he was not able to get alone with his father’s second wife, so it was to the Army he went. He looked older, and told lies to the, under parked cars in the streets were better than home. The choices were under cars or military with lies for the age difference. It was not a hard choice, and it was warmer than outside for sure.

That was one of the reasons, for the sleep like treat, and no plans, no goal, and no future plans for nothing. Life for Sean has always be lucky for him, and he is still alive because of his luck, and it may last for a while longer or not. Not sure how much credit to give to luck, since it is a matter of research and placement, for luck always. Whatever you want get up and go get it, or go where you think you can get it is a good start. Have the dreams, plans, and goals in place to get there, and don’t stop until you get that price.

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