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Interview: Obamacare, What’s Your Take?Who cares, Books, Blogs, Stories Of Classes, Notes Taken...333SMITH -

Big and Hopes and Ways to grow, ways to stand tall. Ships of dreams, love and luck, 
Dances on land. Ships to pass. Love and luck,coins to flip. Back in time, back in space, lost and alone, free rides with snakes and frogs, joys and pains, hats and horns, games to blame,no winners only losers, fingers in the air. American tales, American Girls, American Veterans, dates with snakes and frogs kissed. Lots of love, lots of lies, lots of bend tales and dicks, lucky stars to shine.

"Despair" Common Shows Off His ..... Friends Fucked: Penny Dates: Dances until dawn, dates of the beach, trips to hell, monkeys swinging on dogwood trees, suckers and snakes. Wigs and baseball caps, home movies to direct. Rachel Wigsout, Rachel Jarrot, Rachel Walker, art from the edge of the world. Tuesday tacos on the beach, Huntington Beach, CA, art works of Rachel Walker, fairy tales on the dark side. Red and the wolf, the mad hatter, and the step kids with red hair.

How much are views worth in your world? Moot in mind, please the one in your skin, happy to share views always sunny and bright sides to the pits with the cherries. More dreams to live in a blue state, waiting for a real friend that accepts the changes to grow and expand to become the best that you can be. Success is a moving target, and the wheels go round and round, time stops for nothing, pick yourself up and make a new plan. Give me and receive better gifts, better doors and windows open to the dreams in action. Good times waiting for a new day.

Big and Strong Angel: March 2016 Interview: Obamacare, What’s Your Take?Who cares,
 Books, Blogs, Stories Of Classes, Notes Taken...333SMITH -Veterans Prey, Monkey Dodgers, Monkey Types... Peace and Love by the sea -Monkey games, monkey cars, monkeys in black and white, games to play, with cars. Dates with monkeys, dates and songs of the monkey times, how much of a ape, that monkey was. Words to work, words to write, words to tell the horror stories. Songs to hear, dances to do, songs and singers on the radio. Dances for the lovers, dances for the sinners, dances for the good times, bumps in the roads, happy for the hits of love and happiness. Dances for the time of your life, the best is yet to cum, dances on the sands of time. Fires started in my heart, just after dark, views in the mirror. 

Trips to hell and back. Ways to grow, ways to turn life around. Bumps in the road, three left turns, back to start. Time lost, spaces open, windows to heaven. Angels to guard, notes injustice, frogs and snake tales. Class calls, snakes and frogs, classes in styles, classes of bitches, stars to shine. Tales told, singing birds, flowers in trees. Ladies in classes, lessons to learn, classes to teach, classes on sands of time. 

Interview: Obamacare, What’s Your Take?Who cares, to share their view, their noses on the matter, not a lot of interest, Rachel Jarrot, pages of hats and wigs on bald heads, lots of luck for hares. Third party views. Turning pages, lessons learned, classes on the sands of time, monkeys to dodge, tricks to trade, pimps and cheap tricks, movie parts to trade. Jokes to share, gang bang rules, tricks and monkeys, tips online. 4 Corners, Steven and Rach Jay, Sheri, Sima Jarrot, pimps and cheap tricks to date, 7608512267. 4 Goat horns: love and hate, goats and sheep, witches to tell, ghosts and spooks, tales from the dead. Family and friends that have expired, dead and in the water. Mean Girls, the movie of charms and wits, hate and love, coins tossed in the air. Lots of roles of mean and nasty chicks, rites to come out of the box, fags and hags, dykes and butches, faces of snakes in the grass. 

Pages to turn. ....Books, Blogs, Stories Of Classes, Notes Taken...333SMITH - Wise and Healthy: 4 Eyes, Glasses To Seas, 
Goats and Lovers ...Name: uritza smith....
whatever u want me to be:}
Turn Ons
being watched during sex...touching my pussy and feeling how tight and wet it is...
Turn Offs
someone that is scared to fuck me anywhere..

Age: 30
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Horoscope: Capricorn
Bra Size: 36C
Height: 160 cm
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Favorite Positions: doggy having my pussy eatin
View uritza smith. Age: 30. Ethnicity: Hispanic. 
Sexual Preference: Bisexual. Horoscope: Capricorn. Bra Size: 36C. Height: 160 cm. Hair Color: Dark 

Rachel and Rach Jay, dykes to date, hats and horns, wigs to top, lots of luck, lots of lies, lots of noses in the air. Jewish sluts, in the water, not the land whales here:, Sheri and Rach Jay, Gay and fat, land whales for a dollar a day, cheap tricks, cum suckers, suckers of free will, thieves of joys and planes rides for free, nothing for free, had a dead black veteran to pay for all the hairs on the wigs, cost $6000 each, bought 10 that year, on a veterans dime, I could be wrong, paid for a lot more than that, more cash stolen by the Jews in shit hats, hogs and dogs, bitches in heat. Land whales, tales to be written, to color the rainbows bright. ....

Marvin Gaye - Sexual HealingWits and charms, songs to sing, dances in the streets with the lights on, not a kid any longer, had a birthday on Friday, March 18, 2016, the rebirth, out of the fires, a bird again, wings to fly as a magic carpet, out of the woods. Dreams dancing in my head, over time and space. Sprints of the dead, lovers on the wings of a dove, pieces of love on a branch of the Brenagh, Angels the longest, more than him-Marvin Gaye - Lets get it on....7608512267, call the nigger, call the pimp, call the drug dealer, sakes of the angels with broken wings, out of the family....Crook and robber, love and hate, goat or sheep, wolves dressed, to cook a shark, flipped for fun and games, back in time, crimes committed. History of the cops, history of the beatings, history of the little deaths.

Family views one or two, state of past glorirs, libing in the past. Different hats to wear to move on, on the other hand. Labels and names of flowers, nuts in the garden of dogwood trees. One nut to stand out, hats and horns out, happy dazes again. History to make, nites of buts, and excuses, faces in the mirror. What's up with that Lisa chick? Love and life, joys and pains, life at the top of the food chains,lions to roar, blue lights in the sky. Pages of dates, ships to sail, lights on the for the knights on quest. Frogs and snakes, dances in the dark, games to play, coins to toss, pages to turn. Trips to hell and back,lovers and haters, stories to share. Purple rain, singer dead today, say songs for the rest of us, Prince died at home, way to go......Nuts In Trees, One 2 Stand, Turning Pages.

Songs and music to made, fan online, leader of the band. Acts to parts, music to write, music to sell. Horse and pony shows, Rin to sing, danes to dates. Ways to grow, ways to jump up and down. Jumps for joys? Cheers and grades in class. Spunds if singer, hats to wear. Hairs to hats. Dances on the side of the roads, life in a tin can. RV camping, way of life for a frog or two. Dream life on wheels, trailer trash. Cheater to drive, drugs and dogs, fags and bitches in heat. Tales to share. Another time.

Search Results

School of Hard Knocks: Cars To Hell And Back. Pimps On Call.

Dream Date With A Snake, Crook And Liar, Steven Jarrot-7608512267

Frogs dates, tricks and trades, RV dreams, lives on the water.

Joys and pains, lots of hard knocks, out of water again.

Dicks and dogs, dances in the day, lovers to hats, cheers and 

laughs, good times, wigs and caps, Rach Jay, games with lovers,

games on the sands of time. Rachel Jarrot, without a wig, sites to 

freaks and frogs, liars to date, crook like daddy, Steven Jarrot, thief like sire.

 | Brighter ...

Lovers and haters, tales of marriage, tales of tricks, dances in the past, history to note. Steven Jarrot, family of freaks, frogs and dogs, bitches in heat, donkeys to ride for freel Sluts and cheap tricks, Rach Jay, Rachel Jarrot, back in time, dimes to drop. Lover and haters, tales of donkeys out to rob, shit and junk to sell. Jews...
Another Part, Bits and Pieces, doves with the branches of peace, Norh Art, tips left from the boat trip. No land to see, rain for over a month, dead in the water, the sinners and the saints, not to believe, to be killed with water, God Spoke, in the long rainy season, sons and wives were saved. Bible stories, fairy tales, Jesus Christ, Moses and cousins, building a troop. Army of frogs, army of fools, tips and tales of how long it took. Trip to the promise lands.

Messages in the songs, black and blue birds, singer dead. Sad Stories all of them. Wedding party, snakes to church, it burned down that day. Just jokes and laughs.
Steven Jarrot, got robbed, lost $22,000 on a trick, the groom was his date, dicks to suck, had a fake chick or two, bags of dicks to share, role players. 

Got fixed a micky in his drink, knocked him and the groom out, single man party, chicks stole, everything, even his clothes, had to run and scream, in his birthday suit, "Police, I been robbed."What a shame, what a disgrace for the family of frogs,Steven Jarrot, without clothes. Land on land, beaches without water, snakes in grass, snakes in water, snakes in Cuba, land of the mother, Sima Jarrot, queen of steers and queers, not the Queen of England, only in her head. 

High Times, jokes and laugh, seven snakes, seven cows, seven crooks to rob you blind. Back in the day, not a band of cheaters, liars, crooks, robbers, snakes and frogs, dates to dodge. Mice and men, cats and kitty, dicks in hands, dicks in line, taking turns to suck dicks, catchers to ball games, gang bang rules, sucking dicks with cash, nuts to go, day jobs. Cows, Cattle, Cattle Callers, Horns To Blow, Love Large..

 Uritza Smith...Also Seen As- U SmithUritza C SantiagoUritzaChantel King- Uritza Anderson: 39-Judith R Kah, Charles David King, James ...Faces of snakes, faces of frogs, tricks online, my space dates. Lovers and haters, cheap tricks, trades for bags of shit, Long Beach Locations, family affairs, kids and goats, for sale. Homes of snakes, homes for the kids and goats, hats and wigs, horns of sheep and goats, lovers of shit to trades. Ways to grow, ways to expand, fifteen minutes of fame. Lover of drama, dyke and butch, bags of dicks part of the act, dancer for  bag of shit, clouds in the air, party and play, life on the beach. 

Santiago Smith Profiles | Facebook

Uritza Santiago-Smith (333smith) on Myspace

Angels, Fairies, Bibical Tales, Views To Watch, Over Time ...

Meth Drug dealer: Steven Jarrot: 7605643510:Nice guy iso male to pnp with - m4m (Ventura beach)7608512267 to 

set a date to sit on his face, pictures and stats for response today. White/Cuban Male iso Friendship, 

Companionship and Love. - m4m - 52 (Ventura/Upland/P.S.)age : 53 eye color : green hair : brown height : 5'11"

 (180cm) status : seven snakes, devil with horns, gifts to share? 714 471 7900. pictures and stats with your location 

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