Thursday, April 14, 2016

More Shit, More Drama, More Life On The Beach, More Frogs To Dodge.

2 Strike: Snake in Grass: Dicks Out of Box: Enough Charms: Game Over:
October 16, 2015 : Another example of the yellow snakes at work, snake dens full of the low standards, lights out to fool others. Snake in grass, delete the history in one place, no all the places where data was stored, big pictures out of focus here. Why delete history of one or many mental, confused and displace veteran, because you had to create more lies for questions asked, or because you hate the view that you display on some level. Liars, crooks, cheaters, cum suckers, used car sells, junk seller all day long, drug dealer, pimp, poker poker, snake charmer, Jewish White Loads, Jewish Turkey, Cuban Transplants, words used to describe or talk about this family. Their views of themselves is a little different for their actions and deeds, it is all good, love and hate, the horns of a goat, biblical stories, fairy tales, they they live in their dreams, in real life, with lights on it is not the same.

One day, in the past....Back to future, back to square one. Sheri and Sima Jarrot, 7603225166: Steven Jay Jarrot 7603601613: likes to tell mother, when she talks about not like Mexican and her sister has family that are, and the next generation is already placed as the lowlifes that race is according to Sima, and how she tells it. Her own family and she can not see that is what Steven likes to point out, moot all of it is how I see it, and this is one of the parts of being true and being truthful, and being honest with trust as part of the family, something that they live by? Not.
Not in this Jewish Army 2016, not with the Jewish Rock Star-Rachel Jarrot, or the Fag Hag-Sheri Jarrot of Upland now, or the prince of this army of frogs or just army of movers and shakers, and the role model also, Steven Jay Jarrot, and the happy RV Camper and more? Have the scars to prove what a trying time it was to live though 2013, and May was the worst month in my life, just thankful for still being alive to tell the story again and again, and hope that the lights are now on, and will stay that way, and crazy is not the word for it here.
Snakes, frogs use for punches to jokes. Times on the cross, trips to hell and back, free rides. Hope in colors, hope floating all the time, hopes and prayers, searching for places to land. Purple hairs, purple hopes, air full of hopes, air full of dreams, goats and sheep, dazes of love, dazes of hate. Horns of love and hate, goats and sheep, dazes of love, flipping cards, songs to sing. Stars bright, wishes to delight, hopes and dreams to deliver, pieces of hope to share, good times, classes on love and hate.

Wishes for a better daze, prayers for better friends, hopes for a new house to give the gifts of words for the lost, words written for the confused, words written for the cash on the tables. Uncle Sam and his mistakes on the frogs, mistakes on the fool, and mistakes on the military men and women. Jokes of the government, and the damages to the men and women who served in the military. Want to talk about the mistakes done for the good of the country.
Sister-wives, butches, dykes, chicks with dicks, spare parts, party and play, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267....Sheri and Rach Jay Jarrot, gifts to films, sluts to sit and spin, American Birds, tales in the air. Sheep and goats, tigers in the mix, horns of a goat, love and hate, 333 chest tats-, like her's, bitch in heat. Uritza Smith...Also Seen As- U Smith- Uritza C Santiago- Uritza Chantel King- Uritza Anderson: 39-Judith R Kah, Charles David King, James Melvin King, James Edward King, Kathy Lynn King 39 : Yucca Valley, CA: Virginia Beach, VA: Long Beach, CA: Chesapeake, VA: Colorado Springs, CO: Thornton, CO- Uritza Smith's profile photo.

Sinners and Saints, Black Snakes In Grass, Steven Jarrot ...

Pigs and Hogs, Snakes In Grass, Nuts To Go, Day Jobs

Another Part, Bits and Pieces, doves with the branches of peace, Norh Art, tips left from the boat trip. No land to see, rain for over a month, dead in the water, the sinners and the saints, not to believe, to be killed with water, God Spoke, in the long rainy season, sons and wives were saved. Bible stories, fairy tales, Jesus Christ, Moses and cousins, building a troop. Army of frogs, army of fools, tips and tales of how long it took. Trip to the promise lands.

Sinners and Saints, Black Snakes In Grass, Steven Jarrot ...

 Uritza Smith...Also Seen As- U SmithUritza C SantiagoUritzaChantel King- Uritza Anderson: 39-Judith R Kah, Charles David King, James ...Faces of snakes, faces of frogs, tricks online, my space dates. Lovers and haters, cheap tricks, trades for bags of shit, Long Beach Locations, family affairs, kids and goats, for sale. Homes of snakes, homes for the kids and goats, hats and wigs, horns of sheep and goats, lovers of shit to trades. Ways to grow, ways to expand, fifteen minutes of fame. Lover of drama, dyke and butch, bags of dicks part of the act, dancer for  bag of shit, clouds in the air, party and play, life on the beach. 

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Angels, Fairies, Bibical Tales, Views To Watch, Over Time ...

Meth Drug dealer: Steven Jarrot: 7605643510:Nice guy iso male to pnp with - m4m (Ventura beach)7608512267 to 

set a date to sit on his face, pictures and stats for response today. White/Cuban Male iso Friendship, 

Companionship and Love. - m4m - 52 (Ventura/Upland/P.S.)age : 53 eye color : green hair : brown height : 5'11"

 (180cm) status : seven snakes, devil with horns, gifts to share? 714 471 7900. pictures and stats with your location 

to party and play with nice whales on land. Beaches to view in the RV parked at the beach for the tasteful pleasures 

of oral expert here.

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  1. Donkeys and dogs, bitches in heat, love and hate, sheep and goats, frogs and snakes in the grass. Steven and Rachel Jarrot, 7608512267, seven snakes, alive under the skin of the cheap tricks. Party and play, dicks in lines, gangs bang games, freaks out at night. Knights gone, freaks present all the time, faces of dogs, faces of fags, faces of donkeys in hell, hell hounds to some. Charles R. Jarrot, monkey in the trees, live and luck, to the crooks and robbers, drama in the trees. Liars and cheaters, crooks and robbers, monkeys to hang from a tree. End of life for a sinner or a saint, Sima and Sheri Jarrot, lovers for life. Heads in sands of time. Donkeys and dogs, monkeys in packs, the family tree, nuts to stands. Fun and games, good times, selling junk, trades of the family of donkeys.

    Jesus Christ, donkey or goat, bitch born in a barn, in December, fairy tales, parts of the bible, stay on the same page, tales told. Gifts of joys, gifts of happiness, gifts to share, hope and joy, on the other hand, angels to spare. Earth angels and the stories, to donkeys and snakes in the grass, lessons learned over time, hope and wishes to get back on track. Boats and ships of dreams to sale, glory dazes done.