Thursday, April 14, 2016

Classes Of Workers, Leaders Of Packs, Angels On Earth, Notes And Tips.

Big and Strong Angel: March 2016Veterans Prey, Monkey Dodgers, Monkey Types... Peace and Love by the sea -Monkey games, monkey cars, monkeys in black and white, games to play, with cars. Dates with monkeys, dates and songs of the monkey times, how much of a ape, that monkey was. Words to work, words to write, words to tell the horror stories. Songs to hear, dances to do, songs and singers on the radio. Dances for the lovers, dances for the sinners, dances for the good times, bumps in the roads, happy for the hits of love and happiness. Dances for the time of your life, the best is yet to cum, dances on the sands of time. Fires started in my heart, just after dark, views in the mirror. 

Life in the dark, life in the shadows, snakes and frogs,l hidden in the leaves, people and the animals within, actions and deeds, to tell the real story. Goodness and mercy, for all, not a few, joys in the morning, with the new sun, every day thanks to share. Peace and understanding, peace and love all around, good times to give, good times to share. Dates on the beach, dates in the woods, daddy's girl to be protected, girls in red hoods. Angels in skies, man in sky, sunny and bright days in the sun. In the middle of the woods, games to be played, songs to sing, people hidden for a short time, in the monkey suits. 

Rats racing, monkeys in trees, horse and pony shows, time to sit down, take a load off your few tales to share. Love and hate, hate and love, horns on a goat, time to take a break. Mommy notes, fathers stories, back in the day, day in the past,  lessons that we have already learned. Gifts of tip, gifts of tales, good times, classes on the beach, birds that sing. The messages, not always the answers that you want, time will tell that tale, over time and space. Dances on the sands of time, dances in the rain, classes of love and devotion, classes of goodness and mercy, classes in the sands of time.

Dancing LightsParty on the beach, party on a ship, friends and family on the ocean, to tell stories there. Birds and bees, dogface butterflies, seven snakes, row of seats, sun on the shine. Gifts of tips, stories to tails, monkeys and swingers stuck in the trees, lights on letters, words to shine. Pictures in words used, asses to ashes, bones in boxes, day foes, for the dead. Time to sing, time to dance, time to spin a tale or two, stories told from the people you know, the ones to keep are the ones that grow. Same stories, different dazes, trips to the beach, trips to the corner streets. Tricks and trades, tricks and treats, take the lumps of lead, good times to share.


Days on land, days on seas, days in the shadows, days in the dark, jokes and laughs, to share today, in the English way. Tall tales, fairy tales, and tips out of the air, to give away. Goodness and mercy, angels to see, angels to protect the rights to reasons, songs to give to the birds that are true, messages to share. Birds and bees, songs to sing, bees and butterflies, jokes and lessons learned. Goodness and mercy, angels for me, to protect the young at heart. Heat and hurt, time has passed, new plans of business to conduct. 


Heat and homes, my gifts to share, veterans lost on the streets, houses and cash to spare, gifts from Uncle Sam. Big plans, big dreams in actions, phones to buy, wailers also, more phone lines to place. Jobs to create, cash on the table, Uncle Sam cares, if you take the times to fill out the forms. Nonprofit in place: Ella Doce Del Maya, de California, locations in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Corona, Moreno Valley, and places in between, gifts to share. 

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