Tuesday, May 24, 2016

On The Run, Birthday Hits And Misses, Dances With Dykes, Faces Of Snakes.

Me: sorry, I'm busy....Stop being closed-minded. stop judging. you don't know everyone's stories and reasons. and it's not your business....It's funny how people think you hate them when you literally do not think of them at all lol...No fake people allowed in my circle.....Freaks and frogs, monkeys in packs, dances around the dogwood trees, snakes to dodge, have for dinner, classes on frogs, food for fun, games with balls. Stories to tell, stories to write, good times, dates with snakes, dates with frogs, going to name a few, starting in a minute. Moments in time, snakes and frogs, kissed back in the day. Lessons were learned, clocks were broken, things were tossed in the air, lovers and haters, snakes to dodge.

Dances in the dark, dances in the rain, dances with donkeys, hills and valley runs, games of who is the leader, hills and valleys to cross. Hope and love in hand, tricks over time and space, how to grow, how to move forward, games with words, games with wits, games with charms, beauty asleep. Light and love, hope and wishes, love and hate, coins to flip, horns of a goat, love and hate, ways to go. Lights to knights, sun to rains, coins to flip, tales in the air, birds and bees, flowers in the trees to crows in the winds. Songs of luck, songs of lovers gone away, songs of the snakes and the frogs, love and life moving forward, turning the pages, writing books, tales of animals under the skin.

Drama and dreams, hope and luck, love and winners, joys and pains, tales of donkeys and monkeys in packs, games on the hills. Whales and goats, sheep in the fields, cows out in the world, home to nowhere, tales of donkeys in the hills. Jumps for joy, jumps for families, jumps for foes in the hills, valleys and mountains climbed, lasting impressions, for a life or two. Pages of dogs, pages of bitches, pages of dumb luck, pages of drama, pages to turn. Books and tips, tales and stories, how to wake up. Dreams in motions, dreams in drama, dreams in plans to make, dreams in luck of the draws.

333Smith, Uritza Smith, Reese, Names Of Frogs And Freaks, Tags And Labels, Hats And Horns, Sinners And Saints.  Lights on for the bands to play, the blue birds to sing, glory dazes 

 Shared publicly  -  Oct 28, 2012....done.https://rachel104life.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/my-move-back-to-california-as-an-apsiring-producer/Cows,Cattle, And Cattlecalls, Ready for What?...Rachel Jarrot, Lovers To Laugh, Monkeys for Mate To Last.... History online, tips and tales, jackasses with asses wide open, party time, party and play, ...

Kitty Cats, Smiles For Dazes, Quiet Moments.....Uritza Smith Public ...

ON THE RUN, WHAT?!Happy and gay, happy and delighted with a life without Steven Jarrot, or his love of dicks and chicks to sit on his face for the tasteful pleasures of the freaks out at night. Distance noted, not needed with the pictures to point the fingers at the freaks, frogs, saints and sinners, 52 ways to play this hand.

Year Of The Monkey, Movie Hits....Actors, Good Hits, Horse And Pony Shows....Monkey tales, joys and pains, bumps in the woods, in the dogwood trees, monkey swingers. Tips and tales of frogs, snakes, and monkeys to dodge. Trips to hell and back, songs on the radio, songs to sing and dance on the sands of time. ...Rach Jay, Steven and Cheryl Jarrot, Upland Cattle - Raiders .Party and Pay,
Steven and Rachel Jarrot, Cheap Tricks ...
American Toads, Seven Snakes, Steven
 and Rachel Jarrot
....Nights of Tasteful Delights, Steven Jarrot, Sucker? - Snakes

 Super-sized freaks, Steven, Charles R. Jarrot, Sheri and Sima also.Perfect Little Stars: Sluts and bitches in heat. .....Dicks, Dogs, Bitches In Heat....Teachers every day, students every day, lessons on the sands of time. Sima Jarrot: 7607778998: Transplants-Paul, Charlie E. , and Steven Jarrot-7608512267: a bun in the oven, 3 weeks from birth. Sept 4, 1962 a whale is born an American Toad. More toads to cum. Holiday?Cuba is better than Mexico, and those family members are used to be projection for their owning feeling. It is how we get our feel good. So help me become the great Jewish Party Person, who is much better than a Rock Star. At least the Rock Stars are not equal to me in the Big Apple. Snakes in Apple is a worm in Paradise, or the snake with the weak man, who wanted SEX for the apple tree in the garden of good and evll, choices made, pattern set.

Free rides, free faces to change, on a cum sucker, hog or pig, tasteful delights, songs to sing, what a great life. Steven and Sima Jarrot, 7608512267.Hogs, not pigs, Jewish Rites.Joys and pains, black and white, rats and pigs, races to the end of dazes, monkeys to dodge. Happy to share, the history, the bumps in the roads, songs to play on the radio, movie rites, have to write. Horse And Pony Shows, Rats Racing, Movies Sluts, just like dead donkeys, Paul and Charlie Jarrot, donkeys and jackasses in the hills and the valley. Can see them in the day, herds of jackasses in California... more »

Rachel Jarrot at rachel104lifeON THE RUN, WHAT?!Coins and cards, games to play, lives online, places to go to play, poker players, lots of them. Winners and losers, games to read, faces of players, 

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